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This site is for and about Native Wild Flower Potted Plants and Native Wildflower Seeds.  My seeds and plants are native to the Midwest and Eastern USA.  Beautiful annual and perennial wildflower seeds and potted plants if planted correctly are easy to grow, resistant to drought and pests, and provide unlimited pleasure by attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds to your home.  Spring and Fall are great times to plant wildflower potted plants.  Fall through early winter is a great time to plant most native perennial wildflower seeds.  Some perennials and most native annual wildflower seeds will also be ok planted in late winter to early spring.

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 Wildflower Seed and Potted Plant Price List
 Includes seed and potted plant prices for individual wildflower species with links to information for each of our wildflowers including wildflower photos, wild flower botanical names with pronunciations and common names, descriptions for each wildflower and information on area coverage, natural hardiness zones, and natural distribution maps of each wildflower species.

Wildflower Potted Plant Price List

  Hummingbird plants  
Contains a list of Native Wildflower Nectar Plants for Hummingbirds
These Wildflowers are a natural food source for Hummingbirds

Butterfly Caterpillar Host plants  
Contains a list  of Native Wildflower Host Plants for butterflies
These Wildflowers are a natural food source for Butterfly caterpillars

Gardening with native wildflower plants.  Creating an attractive landscape with drought tolerant native wildflower seeds/plants that use less fertilizer, need fewer pest controls and the use of mulch to conserve water and help prevent weeds.  Native plants are naturally accustomed to local climates and are good choices for water and waste efficient landscapes.  Xeriscapes can be full of beautiful native wild flowers and warm season grasses maintained with water-efficient practices to create an inviting cool, green landscape.

Deer Resistant Native Plants,
Wildflowers and Shrubs.  When deer are hungry they will eat almost any plant.  Deer will especially nibble on most plants in the spring when plants are tender, more palatable and high in nutrition.  The plants on this list are less likely to be eaten by deer.  Plants not bothered in one area may be a preferred food in a different part of the country.  This is a partial list, additional plants will be added later.

Hummingbird plants
Contains a list of Native Wildflower seeds and potted plants to provide nectar for hummingbirds.  These showy native wildflowers are an attractive addition to the hummingbird garden or butterfly garden and wildflower meadow.

Wildflower Books
Contains descriptions of our favorite wildflower books on native wild flowers, including wildflower field guides with color photographs for wildflower identification, wildflower growing and propagating guides, a butterfly guide with color photographs, and books on gardening with native wildflowers.

Seed Planting Info.
Contains information on site Preparation for wildflower beds and prairie restorations using native wildflower seed, how to grow and propagate native wild flowers, and methods of pre-treating prairie wildflower seeds with stratification and scarification for better wild flower seed germination.

Flower Pictures
Contains photographs of native wildflowers in their natural habitat and in wildflower plantings.  For additional wild flower pictures go to the seed list page and click on each wildflowers common name.

Invasive Plants
Contains a list of plants alien to the U.S. with the potential to become serious problems to gardeners and environmentalists, some of the problems each species causes in our environment and methods for their control or eradication.  These plants should not be planted in the Midwestern or Eastern USA.

Order Form  
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 If mailing your order copy/print the wildflower order form, fill in your information and send it by email or postal mail.  Wildflower seeds and potted plants can be ordered by email, send your name/mailing address and a list of the wildflower seeds you need.  When ordering wildflower potted plants I will need your zip code to correctly calculate shipping cost.  We do not share your information with anyone.  Please contact us by email for orders outside the US.  Please  email questions, comments and orders to john@easywildflowers.com or mail to 
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Native Wildflower Seed for some native prairie wild flowers need 3 to 12 weeks exposure to cool, moist conditions before the wild flower seed will germinate.  This may be achieved by broadcasting/planting the wildflower seeds on a wildflower bed or prairie wildflower field in late fall/winter and letting nature do its job or pre-treating the wildflower seeds in a refrigerator for the recommended time before spring planting. 
     Some native wildflower seeds have a hard seed coat making germination slow or difficult.  These seeds will germinate much easier when scarified before planting.  Scarify seeds by rubbing between 2 sheets of coarse sandpaper to scratch the seeds hard outer layer and let water penetrate.

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 Wildflower Seed and Plant Price List

 Wildflower Seed and Potted Plant Price List

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