Centaurea americana (sen-TAR-ee-uh  am-er-ih-KAH-nuh) or cen-TAW-ree-ah

American Basket Flower Seed, Star Thistle, Shaving Brush seed

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Centaurea americana American Basket Flower, Star Thistle picture Habitat Bloom Period Color Height inches Moisture Plant Spacing Lifespan
Centaurea americana American Basket Flower, Star Thistle picture sun to light shade June/July Lavender 24 to 60 dry to average Annual

  Centaurea americana Basket Flower pictureCentaurea americana American Basket Flower, Star Thistle photo by cj


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      Centaurea americana has several common names including American Basket Flower, Star Thistle, Sweet Sultan, and Shaving Brush.  Before the flower of Centaurea americana is fully open it resembles an old fashioned shaving brush, the area below the petals looks like a miniature basket.  This annual plant is not prickly but derives the name Star-Thistle from the resemblance of the flowers to those of the true thistles. It reaches a height of about 2 feet and produces light green, narrow-lanceolate leaves and flat heads of fragrant lavender and white, composite flowers.  American Basket Flower blooms in June and July, sometimes with favorable conditions blooming a second time in August.  
   Centaurea americana Basket Flower has very hard seeds, seed germination may be improved by hard scarification (rub with coarse sandpaper)before planting.  Native Centaurea americana plants occur naturally in rocky open woods, glades, bald knobs, roadsides and along railroads from Missouri and Kansas to Louisiana and west to Texas, Arizona, and Mexico; introduced in Illinois and eastward.  
The map below shows areas where annual wildflower Centaurea americana grows wild but it can be planted and
will grow over most of the US.  

Centaurea americana
Basket Flower


New Mexico
New York

Rhode Island
South Carolina

State Distributional Map for CEAM2

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  (http://plants.usda.gov). National Plant Data Center, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.












Centaurea americana American Basket Flower, Star Thistle picture

American basket-flower grows 18 to 60 inches tall and is a showy native annual with a stout leafy much-branched stem and lavender-pink filamentous flower heads with cream-colored centers. Centaurea americana flower heads are 3 to 5 in. wide and are subtended by fringed bracts. The plant looks similar to the thistles but lacks their prickly characteristics.  Basket Flower blooms attract butterflies and it's seeds are a winter food for dove and quail.

The name basket flower refers to the stiff straw-colored bracts just beneath the flower head which are divided at the tip into long sharp teeth.  American Basket Flower has a sweet honey fragrance and makes brilliant cut flowers.  This is a showy easily cultivated wildflower

American Basketflower, is native throughout most of North America. American Basketflower gets itís name from the underneath side of the inflorescence because it has a basket weave pattern on it and the flowerbuds.

The pink petals look somewhat like a thistle with a cream colored center. The large blooms are 3 to 5" in diameter and are held from May until June. The plant can reach 5-6' tall and has rough 4" long lance-shaped leaves.