Clematis fremontii Fremont's Leather Flower
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(KLEM-uh-tiss  free-MON-tee-eye) or  (klem-AT-iss)

this Clematis is Not a Vine
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Clematis fremontii Fremont's Leather Flower closeup picture Clematis fremontii Fremont's Leather Flower picture Habitat Bloom
Color Height
Moisture Plant 
Clematis fremontii, Fremont's Leather Flower, May 16, 2013 cle.fr2.jpg (41341 bytes) Sun April - May lavender to white 10 to 18 dry to average 12

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Clematis fremnotii Fremont's Leather Flower is NOT a vine
it is a small shrub like flower found growing on dry glades
and is hardy over a large portion of the US

Clematis fremontii seed
Fremont's Leather flower

number of seeds

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1 packet - 

30 15 sq ft

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Clematis fremontii, Fremont's Leather flower is a small, compact, attractive shrub-like clematis that does not vine and grows in average to dry soil in full sun.  Freemont's Leather flower plants grow bush like on open glades with stalks up to two feet tall and bell shaped lavender to white flowers.  A small compact plant excellent for the rock garden.

Native Clematis fremontii plants occur naturally in dolomite glades in Kansas Missouri and Nebraska and can be grown over a much larger area.

Clematis fremontii can be grown in medium moisture, well-drained, rocky to sandy loams in full sun to part shade and tolerates moderately dry soils.  Clematis remontii is a non-climbing, Missouri native clematis which occurs on limestone glades in the eastern Ozark region and is native to limestone glades and prairies in Missoure, Kansas and Nebraska. This is the only shrubby-type clematis that is native to Missouri. Fremont's Leather Flower is an erect-stemmed plant which typically grows to 12-18" tall and features alternate, simple, sessile, broad-ovate, leathery green leaves (to 5" long) with parallel veins.  Clematis fremontii forms dense foliage clumps over time. Foliage is topped with solitary, narrow, purple to white, showy bell-shaped flowers often with recurved sepals, each flower nodding at the end of its own slender stalk. Flowers give way to attractive seed heads. Clematis fremontii blooms in May-June. This species is named after John C. Fremont, the 19th century American explorer who first discovered the plant, and is commonly called Fremont's leather flower.  Fremont's Leather Flower is best massed or in large groups and is an attractive addition in rock gardens, border fronts, native plant gardens, prairies or meadows.

The map below shows areas where native Clematis fremontii Fremont's Leather Flower plants grow wild but it can be planted and will grow over most of the Midwest and Eastern US.  USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 8.

State Distributional Map for CLFR

Clematis fremontii Fremont's Leather flower
grows wild in only a few counties in


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