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When deer are hungry they will eat almost any plant.  Deer will especially nibble on most plants in the spring when plants are tender, more palatable and high in nutrition.  The plants below are less likely to be eaten by deer.  Plants not bothered in one area may be a preferred food in a different part of the country.  This is a partial list, additional plants will be added later.

Scientific Name and Common Name
 Achillea millefolium,   Yarrow
 Aesculus Pavia, Red Buckeye   New Shrub
 Allium stellatum,   Prairie Onion
 Amsonia illustris,  Blue Star sun to part shade
 Aquilegia canadensis,  Columbine  med. shade to sun
 Arisaema dracontium,  Green Dragon   shade to part sun
 Arisaema triphyllum,  Jack-in-the-pulpit  shade to part sun
 Aruncus dioicus,  Goat's Beard  med. shade to sun
 Asarum canadense,  Canadian Wild Ginger shade to part sun
 Asclepias incarnata,  Marsh Milkweed
 Asclepias syriaca,  Common Milkweed
 Asclepias tuberosa,  Butterfly Milkweed   light shade to sun
 Asimina triloba,    Pawpaw  small fruit tree     Gallon Pot
 Aster novae-angliae (Symphy.),  New-England Aster
 Aster oblongifolius  (Symphy.),  Aromatic Aster  
 Baptisia alba  (B. leucantha),  White Indigo 
 Baptisia australis,  Blue Wild Indigo
 Baptisia bracteata,  Cream Indigo sun to part shade
 Callicarpa americana,   Beauty Berry, French Mulberry  (shrub)
 Campsis radicans,  Trumpet Creeper  climbing vine
 Cephalanthus occidentalis,  Buttonbush shrub, sun to  part shade
 Coreopsis lanceolata,  Lanceleaf Coreopsis sun to light shade
 Dalea candida (Petalostemon),  White Prairie Clover
 Dalea purpurea (Petalostemon),  Purple Prairie Clover
 Dirca palustris,  Eastern Leatherwood  (new shrub)
 Echinacea pallida,  Pale-Purple Coneflower
 Echinacea paradoxa,  Yellow Coneflower
 Echinacea purpurea,  Purple Coneflower sun to part shade
 Echinacea simulata,  Glade Coneflower  
 Gaillardia aristata,  Perennial Blanket Flower  new
 Gaillardia pulchella,  Firewheel, Blanket Flower annual
 Geranium maculatum,  Wild Geranium shade to part sun
 Glandularia canaden (Verbena),  Rose Vervain sun to part shade
 Helenium autumnale, bitterweed, common sneezeweed,
 Helianthus annus,  Common Sunflower  annual 
 Helianthus hirsutus,  Bristly Sunflower sun to part shade
 Hibiscus lasiocarpos,  Rose Mallow
 Hydrangea arborescens,  Wild Hydrangea (shrub)shade to part sun
 Hypericum prolificum,  Shrubby St. John's wort (shrub)shade to part sun
 Iris virginica,  Blue Flag        
 Iris cristata,  Crested Iris shade to part sun
 Liatris aspera,  Rough Blazing Star
 Liatris mucronata,  Narrow-leaf Gayfeather
 Liatris pycnostachya,  Prairie Blazing Star
 Liatris scariosa,  Eastern Blazing Star
 Liatris spicata,  Spiked Gayfeather
 Liatris squarrosa,  Scaly Blazing Star    
 Linum lewisii,  Prairie Flax, Native Blue Flax  
 Lobelia cardinalis,  Cardinal Flower   sun to part shade
 Lobelia siphilitica,  Great Blue Lobelia  sun to part shade
 Lupinus perennis,  Perennial Lupine
 Lupinus texensis,  Texas Bluebonnet annual 
 Manfreda virginica  (Agave),  American Aloe
 Mertensia virginica,  Virginia Bluebells shade to sun, plants available in spring
 Monarda bradburiana M. russeliana,  Horsemint, Eastern Beebalm
 Monarda citriodora,  Lemon Horsemint  annual 
 Monarda fistulosa,  Wild Bergamot
 Nelumbo lutea,  American Lotus  (water  plant)
 Opuntia humifusa,  Prickly Pear Cactus   
 Pedicularis canadensis,  Wood Betony   shade to sun
 Penstemon digitalis,  Foxglove Beard Tongue sun to part shade
 Phlox divaricata,  Woodland Phlox, Wild Sweet William
 Physostegia virginiana,  Obedient Plant False Dragonhead
 Polemonium reptans,  Jacob's Ladder shade to sun
 Pycnanthemum tenuifolium,  Narrow Leaf Mountain Mint
 Rudbeckia fulgida,  Orange Coneflower
 Rudbeckia hirta,  Black-eyed Susan annual/biennial
 Rudbeckia missouriensis,  Missouri Black-eyed  Susan
 Salvia azurea,  Blue Sage 
 Salvia coccinea,  Scarlet Sage ( annual )
 Sanguinaria canadensis,  Bloodroot  shade to part sun
 Scutellaria incana,  Skullcap   sun to shade
 Solidago drummondii,  Cliff Goldenrod 
 Solidago flexicaulis,  Zigzag Goldenrod sun to part shade
 Solidago nemoralis,  Gray Goldenrod
 Solidago rigida,  Stiff Goldenrod
 Solidago speciosa,  Showy Goldenrod
 Stylophorum diphyllum,  Celandine Poppy
 Talinum calycinum, Fame flower
 Tephrosia virginiiana,  Goat's Rue
 Vernonia baldwini,  Western Ironweed
 Veronicastrum virginicum,  Culver's Root
 Viola pedata,  Birdfoot violet  sun to part shade
 Andropogon gerardi,  Big Bluestem
 Bouteloua curtipendula,  Sideoats Grama
 Buchloe dactyloides,  Buffalo Grass   
 Panicum virgatum, Switch Grass
 Schizachyrium scoparium,  Little Bluestem
 Sorghastrum nutans,  Indian Grass
 Coreopsis tinctoria,  Plains coreopsis annual
 Gaillardia pulchella,  Firewheel, Annual Blanket Flower
 Helianthus annus,  Common Sunflower
 Impatiens capensis,  Jewelweed, touch-me-not
 Lupinus texensis,  Texas Bluebonnet
 Machaeranthera tanacetifolia,  Prairie Aster
 Monarda citriodora,  Lemon Horsemint
 Palafoxia callosa,  Spanish Needles  annual
 Phlox drummondii,  Annual Phlox  new
 Rudbeckia hirta,  Black-eyed Susanannual/perennial 
 Salvia coccinea,  Scarlet Sage  annual/perennial


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