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These Wildflowers are a natural food source for Hummingbirds

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This is only a partial list of our native wildflowers used by hummingbirds.
Click on each flowers common name for pictures and other information.  

* Aesculus Pavia,                     Red Buckeye    Shrub    

* Aquilegia canadensis,            Columbine  med. shade/sun  


* Asclepias incarnata,              Marsh Milkweed  sun  


* Asclepias syriaca,                 Common Milkweed  sun  

* Asclepias tuberosa,              Butterfly Milkweed   light shade/sun    
* Campsis radicans,                 Trumpet Creeper  climbing vine    
* Castilleja coccinea,               Scarlet Indian Paintbrush annual, sun  
* Castilleja indivisa,                 Texas Indian Paintbrush  annual, sun    
* Ceanothus americanus,         New Jersey Tea shrub part shade/sun    
* Cephalanthus occidentalis,    Buttonbush shrub, sun/part shade    
* Clematis virginiana,              Virgin's Bower vine, shade to sun    
* Geranium maculatum,          Wild Geranium shade to part sun    
* Glandularia canaden (Verbena),  Rose Vervain sun/part shade    
* Impatiens capensis,              Jewelweed, Touch-me-not   plants available in spring    
* Liatris aspera,                       Rough Blazing Star  sun    
* Liatris mucronata,                 Narrow-leaf Gayfeather  sun    
* Liatris pycnostachya,            Prairie Blazing Star  sun    
* Liatris scariosa,                    Eastern Blazing Star  sun    
* Liatris spicata,                      Spiked Gayfeather  sun    
* Liatris squarrosa,                 Scaly Blazing Star     sun     
* Lilium superbum,                  Turk's Cap Lily  sun/part shade  
* Lobelia cardinalis,                Cardinal Flower   sun/part shade    
* Lonicera flava,                      Native Yellow Honeysuckle Vine, shade/sun    
* Lupinus perennis,                 Perennial Lupine  sun    
* Monarda  russeliana,            Horsemint, Eastern Beebalm  
* Monarda citriodora,             Lemon Horsemint  annual     
* Monarda fistulosa,               Wild Bergamot  sun/part shade    
* Penstemon cobaea var. purpureus,  Showy Beard Tongue    
* Penstemon digitalis,             Foxglove Beard Tongue sun/part shade    
* Penstemon pallidus,             Pale  beardtongue  sun/part shade    
* Penstemon tubaeflorus,       Tubed Beard Tongue  sun    
* Phlox divaricata,                  Woodland Phlox, Wild Sweet William shade/sun    
* Phlox drummondii,              Annual Phlox  annual  
* Phlox paniculata,                   Perennial Phlox  sun to part shade    
* Physostegia virginiana,         Obedient Plant False Dragonhead, sun/part shade    
* Salvia azurea,                      Blue Sage   sun    
* Salvia coccinea,                  Scarlet Sage ( annual ) sun    
* Silene regia,                         Royal Catchfly  sun    
* Silene virginica                     Fire Pink      part shade    
* Spigelia marilandica,            Indian Pink    

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