Nelumbo lutea Seed American Lotus Yanquapin  Native Wildflower Seed
nee-LUM-bo  LOO-tee-uh

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Nelumbo lutea American Lotus flower picture Yanquapin picture Habitat Bloom Period Color Height Inches Moisture Plant Spacing Lifespan
Nelumbo lutea picture, american lotus picture Sun to 
Lt Shade
 July September Light yellow 12 to 48 Inches Water 
24 to 36 Inches Perennial water plant

Native Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin picture
Leaf of Nelumbo lutea, American Lotus or Yanquapin growing in water about 6 feet deep  (Lotus leaf 32 inch diameter growing in water 6 feet deep)
Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin Seed Pod picture Lotus Seed Pod
Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin leaves 
Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin flower Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin flower   Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin flower

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Nelumbo lutea seed
American Lotus seed

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1800 sq ft

There are approximately 500 seeds per pound in the Lotus seeds currently available.

Lotus Seeds Are Available
Nelumbo lutea
, American Lotus or Yanquapin was used by Native Americans for food.  It is very attractive water plant with large pale yellow flowers on tall stalks and large ornamental leaves that shed water and provide shelter for fish and wildlife.  The blue-green leaves of Nelumbo lutea American Lotus are completely round and may be up to 2 feet wide.  The large Lotus seed pods resemble shower heads and are used in arrangements and for crafts.  American Lotus prefers shallow, still water up to 4 feet deep with a mud bottom where it spreads rapidly by rhizomes.  American Lotus is not recommended for ponds used for fishing. 

American Lotus seeds are the size of small marbles and have a hard, impermeable seed coat that keeps them viable for many years.  Germination occurs rapidly after making a small hole in the seed coat with a file or drill and immersing the seed in water.

Native Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin Seed grows wild in ponds, oxbow lakes, and river sloughs from Florida to Texas, north to Massachusetts, New York, Ontario, Minnesota, and Iowa.   Nelumbonacea, Lotus-lily family

The map below shows areas where native Nelumbo lutea American Lotus flower plants grow wild but it can be planted and will grow over a much wider area than shown.  USDA plant hardiness zones 2 to 10. 

 Nelumbo lutea seed
American Lotus seed


New Jersey

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

State Distributional Map for Nelumbo lutea, american lotus wild flower seed

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Native Nelumbo lutea American Lotus Yanquapin Plant distribution map complements of USDA, NRCS. 2001. The PLANTS Database, Version 3.1
  ( National Plant Data Center, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.

















Nelumbo lutea American lotus, yellow lotus, Yanquapin, water-chinquapin, volée

Leaves: petiole to 2 m or more. Leaf blade to 6 dm or more. Flowers: tepals pale yellow, 1-13 cm, outermost 1-5 normally persistent; anthers 1-2 cm. Fruits somewhat globose, 10-16 × 8-13 mm, mostly less than 1.25 times longer than wide; receptacle to 1 dm diam. at maturity, abruptly narrowed ca. 1-2 cm below flattened top, base tapered, lateral surface usually distinctly striate. 2 n = 16.

Nelumbo lutea American Lotus flowers in late spring-summer and grows wild primarily in flood plains of major rivers, ponds, lakes, pools in marshes and swamps, and backwaters of reservoirs; 0-400 m; introduced at other sites.  
Nelumbo lutea grows wild in Ontario, Ala., Ark., Conn., Del., D.C., Fla., Ga., Ill., Ind., Iowa, Kans., Ky., La., Maine, Md., Mass., Mich., Minn., Miss., Mo., Nebr., N.J., N.Y., N.C., Ohio, Okla., Pa., R.I., S.C., Tenn., Tex., Va., W.Va., Wis.; Mexico; West Indies (Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola); Central America (Honduras).

Nelumbo lutea is a species as magnificent as its Asian relative, N. nucifera, but is less cultivated for ornament. It was probably originally confined to flood plains of major rivers and their tributaries in the east-central United States and carried northward and eastward by aborigines who used the seeds and tubers for food. The species is sometimes an aggressive, difficult-to-eradicate weed in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. 

Nelumbo lutea American Lotus is an aquatic plant with conspicuous fragrant pale yellow flowers and large bowl-shaped leaves borne on stalks above the water.

This member of the Water Lily group is recognized by large umbrella-like leaves and the inverted cone-like structure in the middle of the flowers. Nelumbo lutea American Lotus plants cover extensive areas along the Mississippi River from Iowa to Wisconsin and southward. 

Native Distribution: Southern Ontario to southern New England and New York; south to Florida; west to Texas; north to Iowa and Minnesota.
Native Habitat: Still water 

Nelumbo lutea American Lotus plants will grow in the pond bottom or a very large submerged pot.
It's saucer-shaped leaves more than a foot in diameter and often rise out of the water. The lotus flowers are yellowish white with rich gold centers. They open in the morning and close by late afternoon and reopen the following day. Prepare to give this aquatic plant lots of space to spread and reproduce.

The large tuberous roots the size of a human arm were baked like sweet potatoes, the leaves were eaten like spinach and the seeds were prepared to be eaten like nuts or ground into flour.
Nelumbo lutea American Lotus seed pods are quite striking and often used in flower arrangements. 

Moderately Deer Resistant