Solidago drummondii Cliff Goldenrod Drummond's Goldenrod wrinkleleaf goldenrod
so-li-DAY-go  drum-AWN-dee-eye

Solidago rugosa  subsp. aspera
so-li-DAY-go     roo-GO-suh

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Solidago drummondii Cliff Goldenrod

Habitat Bloom
Color Height Inches Moisture Plant Spacing Lifespan
Solidago drummondii picture, Cliff Goldenrod picture Sun to light Shade July - October Yellow 18 to 24
 Average 12 to 24 Inches Perennial

photo by cj 

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Solidago drummondii seed
cliff Goldenrod seed

number of seeds

approximate coverage
in square feet

1 packet - -------

150 25 sq ft

1 ounce - --------

62,500 400 sq ft

1 pound -----------

 1,000,000 6,400 sq ft

 Goldenrods do NOT cause hay fever 
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Solidago = From the word for heal, to make whole
drummondii = Named for Thomas Drummond, 19th century Scottish naturalist
rugosa = Wrinkled
aspera = Rough

Also called Wrinkleleaf goldenrod, Wrinkle-leaf goldenrod, Rough-leaved goldenrod, Roughleaf goldenrod, Rough-stemmed goldenrod, Roughstem goldenrod

Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod is a very attractive native wildflower. Its versatile showy flowers are attractive in the formal perennial flower bed and the prairie meadow.   Cliff Goldenrod grows best in well-drained average garden soil and full sun.   Cliff goldenrod attracts Butterflies and is an excellent addition to the butterfly garden. 

Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod is easily grown in average, dry to medium wet, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. Tolerates poor, dry soils and light shade, but performs best in full sun. This species is primarily clump-forming and does not spread invasively as do some of the other goldenrod species and hybrids.

Solidago = From the word for heal, to make whole
drummondii = Named for Thomas Drummond, 19th century Scottish naturalist

Noteworthy Characteristics:

Cliff goldenrod is a Missouri native perennial which, as the common name suggests, is found on cliffs, bluffs and ledges throughout the Ozark region of the State.  Solidago drummondii Cliff goldenrod typically grows 12 to 24 inches tall on arching stems.  Goldenrods have been wrongfully accused of causing hay fever which is actually an allergic reaction to wind-borne pollen from other plants such as ragweed.  Goldenrods are attractive to bees and butterflies.  Interesting goldenrod for native plant gardens, rock gardens or borders.  This Midwest native is found at home on alkaline rock cliffs and ledges in the Ozark Mountain region. Unfortunately, Solidago drummondii was lumped it in with the southeast native S. rugosa, which is a completely different plant. Solidago drummondii Cliff goldenrod forms a tight clump 3' wide and 18" tall of arching stems, covered in September with sprays of golden yellow flowers. The habit, grow ability, and disease resistance is superb on this great native...this is one of my favorite wildflowers for the butterfly garden.

Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod Seed can be planted outside in late fall/winter for spring germination

The map below shows areas where Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod plants grow wild but it can be planted and will grow over a much wider area than shown.  USDA plant hardiness zones 3 to 9.

Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod is a native wildflower occurring naturally in prairies, savannas, from Missouri to Texas, To Florida and north to Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  (Asteraceae Family)

Solidago drummondii
Cliff Goldenrod


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Solidago drummondii, Cliff Goldenrod Plant distribution map complements of USDA, NRCS. 2001. The PLANTS Database, Version 3.1
  ( National Plant Data Center, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.